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The Supreme Court Building

The Supreme Court Building
The Supreme Court Building
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This painting is one of five paintings that are a part of the art series titled, A Rising Sun. The title is derived from a quote from Benjamin Franklin made at the time of the Constitution’s signing. The rising of the sun brings with it the birth of a new day with its. Symbolizing the birth of a great nation, each of the five paintings capture the rising sun of a new day.

         Although each painting is true to historic details, the series follows in the early great American landscape painting tradition. License was taken to romanticize and dramatize the architectural landscapes. The resulting larger-than-life “feel” is intended to match the grandeur of the Constitution. As much as dramatic works of art, the series emphasizes and symbolizes the Miracle of the Constitution. Using elements within each painting, a painterly poem weaves the story of the Constitution’s origin and fulfillment. The purpose of these paintings is to instill renewed appreciation and commitment to original constitutional principles and to those who participated in its drafting. 

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