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Chad Hawkins

Denver Colorado Temple Painting

Denver Colorado Temple Painting
Denver Colorado Temple Painting Denver Colorado Temple Painting Denver Colorado Temple Painting
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The Denver Colorado Temple, located in a residential suburb of Denver, was created using a transparent technique, and is one of a series by the artist Chad S. Hawkins. In 1989, at the age of seventeen, Chad started this unique temple series becoming the original LDS artist to involve hidden spiritual images in his artwork. 

On several occasions, including the day when the Angel Moroni statue was placed upon the temple, formations of three white doves were noticed circling the temple. In the journal of Denver Temple architect Bobby Thomas, this was recorded: “The ceremony was complete and most of the spectators had dispersed. Then, just above Moroni, President Joseph H. Barton [Denver Temple Committee Chairman and counselor in temple presidency] saw three white birds circling above the angel and pointed them out to me. I then related the seeming approval or blessing that was in process and the three previous [dove sightings] which I had witnessed.” (Build unto my holy name,  Twila Bird, pp. 52-53) Inspired by these sitings, Chad drew three white doves in the clouds, circling the angel Moroni.

“Reminding the viewer of the importance of performing temple work as well as seeking “refuge from the evil and turmoil of the world,” Chad has placed among the trees and beautiful landscaping a hidden image of the Savior leading a couple to the temple with his left hand and gently offering support with his right.

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